The Most Beautiful Places In The Whole World

We live in a world blessed with sights that are beautiful beyond words. Every human being probably dreams of visiting at least one of those places in their lifetime. Living in modern cities with high-rise buildings, we tend to miss out on what Mother Nature has to offer as well as some of the most incredible man-made structures built throughout the course of history. Here’s the most beautiful places in the world to spend your holiday.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This place is filled with many artificial ponds containing material of volcanic activity. With mineral-rich water contained herein is believed to have the power to cure certain diseases. In winter, hot steam emerging from the pond surrounded by snow and ice, thus creating a tense atmosphere.

Haleakala, Hawaii

Haleakala, this area surrounds the Maui volcano, Hawaii. Every year nearly more than 1.5 million people visit Haleakala. They sometimes just want to watch the sun rise or set, with the charm of a very dramatic, also witnessed a large group of Haleakala crater. Haleakala name comes from the Hawaiian language, which means house of the sun. According to legend, the demigod of Maui has kept the sun in this place to extend the time of day.

Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chalk hill Chocolate Hills area of 20 square miles located on the island of collapse, the Philippines, which covered almost 1300 lawn. This limestone hill altitude of about 100 to 400 feet. When the dry season, this mountain resembles a giant chocolate chip. Based on local legend, this hill is formed of a giant buffalo dung fed poisoned by local farmers. However, the scientists concluded that the hill was formed by debris volcano.

Craters of the Moon National Park

Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho, an area that resembles a month you can be found in the United States. Formed from volcanic eruption that occurred 15,000 years ago, creating lava field covering an area of more than 600 square miles. Strength of the eruption and then create a cone-shaped embers and lava overdraft.

Racetrack Playa, California

Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park, California USA, currently known as a mysterious stone sled. Dry lake is paved with stone and mud sediment. No one has ever seen the stones move. However, a growing theory that the movement is due to strong winds and caused the glacial ice. Impact occurs during the rainy season, a shallow lake where the surface becomes slippery.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia in Turkey featuring unique rock formations called “fairy chimneys despair”. Cappadocia is formed from the geology and volcanic activity, including weather and erosion, which occurred about 60 million years of Islam. In 2000, the Christians built the first church in the region’s unique rocks.

Dead Sea, Middle East

Shores of the sea with salty water called the Dead Sea is the lowest on earth, which is nearly 1,400 feet below sea level. The water here is saltier than the water in the ocean, because of the high salt levels, allowing living creature can float on water. Dead Sea waters widely used for medical therapy. This giant lake water continues to shrink, because there are dangerous holes.

Madagascar, East Africa

On the island of Madagascar, on the southeast coast of Africa, many forest trees have long roots here. Trees are capable of absorbing large amounts of water and altitude of 100 feet with a diameter of nearly 400 feet.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Coral Pamukkale in Turkey, almost resembling a frozen waterfall rather than a source of heat. Cliffs and shallow lakes formed by volcanic activity and contains high levels of calcium. The ancestors of the local people believe the heat generated is a treatment that God-given and developed the ancient city on the hill.

Erg Chebbi Desert, Morocco

Erg Chebbi Desert is located in southeastern Morocco, formed from sand blown by the wind which now has a height of up to 500 feet. Merzouga village, about 4 hours drive from Marrakesh, the capital of Morocco, located on the edge of this sand hill. Tourists can build a tent here, riding a camel, and watch the sun rise and sink. According to legend, the dunes are created by God’s punishment that befell the local population had been expelled because of an adventurer.

Devil’s Tower, USA

Situated on a hill volcano, Devil’s Tower has a peak with an altitude over 5,000 feet. In addition to often become the main destination for climbing, this is a spiritual place for a number of Native American tribes. Usually, the climber does not perform its activities during June, when the sacred ceremony took place here.


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